Our Facilities

Image: Jethro using our outdoor range facilities

We offer indoor shooting range facilities. Shooters are assisted by friendly and competent range officers who ensure that weapon safety rules are observed at all times.

Indoor Range – Makati

  • 6–8 bays
  • proper ventilation pulls smoke and lead particles away from shooting line
  • shots trapped by armor steel barriers

Coming Soon in 2015!

We are soon to open a second, brand new indoor shooting range at our main branch location in the heart of Quezon City!

Jethro International Inc.
Unit 106 Avenue Building
35 West Avenue
Quezon City
Tel: +632-4152340 | +632-3729125 | +632-4152695 | +632-6219091

Main Branch Location Map

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Membership & Rental Rates

Annual Membership Fee:
(Valid at all branches)


Membership Benefits and Privileges:

  • ₱4.00-5.00 discount for every (range use) reloaded ammunition
  • 20% discount on rental of firearms of any caliber
  • Personalized instruction from competent range officer
  • 10% discount on renewal of membership
  • Free consultation on gunsmithing concerns

Membership Requirements:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Two (2) 1×1 pictures
  • Photocopy of firearms license

*Membership is non-transferable.

Range Use & Rental Rates

For our current rates for gun and ammunition rentals and use of our shooting ranges, please call us at +632-3729125.

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Image: Jethro taking careful aim on a course

We offer personalized lessons in basic gun handling and shooting. All of our instructors are accredited and highly trained.

Lessons can be provided for individuals or groups, at either our indoor or outdoor ranges. Rental firearms are provided, or you can bring your own. Contact us to schedule a personalized training session.

To schedule lessons, call +632-3729125.

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Firearms License Requirements

New License – Private Employee & Businessman

  • Four (4) pcs 2x2 ID photographs
  • One (1) pc 1x1 ID photograph
  • Original NBI
  • Original DI (Directorate for Intelligence)
  • Two (2) pcs photocopy of valid ID
  • Gun safety seminar

New License – Government Employee & Military

  • Four (4) pcs 2x2 ID photographs
  • One (1) pc 1x1 ID photograph
  • Two (2) pcs photocopy of valid ID
  • Photocopy of appointment/enlistment order

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Safety Rules

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

Rule #1: Treat all guns as if they were loaded

"I thought the gun was empty." This is usually the reason why accidents happen. If you always assume that a gun is loaded, you avoid accidents. Remember, every gun has the potential for danger!

Rule #2: Never let the muzzle of a gun point at anything you do not want to destroy or kill

If a gun is fired accidentally, the chances of harm are avoided if it is pointed in a safe direction. The muzzle of the gun is the hole where the bullets exit. Never point this at people, surfaces which can be penetrated, or surfaces where there may be people behind.

Rule #3: Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire

A gun will not fire unless the trigger is deliberately pulled. Do not touch the trigger until you have set your gun sights on a target and you are ready to fire!

Rule #4: Be absolutely sure of your target and what is behind it

When you have made the decision to shoot, make sure you know where the bullet will end up. If you miss, the bullet can hit an innocent bystander or go through a wall and hit someone behind!

Safety Tips in the Transport of Firearms

  1. Always transport your firearm in a safe unloaded condition.
  2. Never carry any handgun in your pocket, purse, or waistband. Use a case or proper holster with a safety flap or strap.
  3. Never carry a firearm with a cartridge in the chamber without the safety lever in the safe position.
  4. Always carry your pistol empty and open while in a club range.
  5. Carry loaded pistols with the magazine inserted but with an empty chamber.
  6. Carry loaded revolvers with an empty chamber under the hammer.

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Firearm Storage Tips

As a responsible gun owner, you must recognize the need and be aware of the methods of childproofing your gun, whether or not you have children!

  1. Use a trigger or action locking device and store guns in a locked container.
  2. Always store your gun unloaded.
  3. Store the ammunition separately in a locked container.
  4. Make sure the location you store your gun and ammunition is not easily accessible to children.

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